I just received a Yiftee gift, how do I redeem it?

Redeeming your Yiftee gift is as easy as using a credit card.  Each Yiftee gift comes with prepaid, Virtual Gift Card. (Just like the one pictured below).  You can also download the Yiftee app and have all your Yiftee gifts stored in your YIftee Gift Card wallet.




Open the Yiftee mobile device app to view your Received gifts; or click on the link in the email or text you received, click on the " View Gift Voucher" button to access the prepaid Virtual Gift Voucher. Then, simply take your phone (any smart phone) or tablet to the merchant to pick up the gift by showing them the Virtual Gift Voucher.   The merchant then rings up the gift as usual charging it to the prepaid Virtual Gift Voucher.  It's that easy!


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