Add your Yiftee gift card link or button to your website

Adding a gift card link or button to your website drives more business and maximizes your website. It is very easy to add a gift card link or gift card button to your website. Simply, login to your merchant portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the login link.
  3. Enter the email and password you used to set your account to access the Merchant Portal.
  4. Click "Manage Your eGift" on the left side panel of the Dashboard.
  5. Select 'Link' or 'Button' from the  "How to add it to your website" drop down menu.
  6. Choose either 'Link' or 'Button'.
  7. Copy or paste the URL or code to your website's home page.

Note:  The 'Link' is simply a custom URL for your Yiftee Gift Card landing page.  The 'Button' includes the custom URL plus a line of code for Yiftee's graphic button image.  It's up to you!




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